Four Steps for Creating a User Engagement Score

If you are interested in creating an engagement scoring model (and reaping all the benefits of that)

Introducing Sherlock - User Engagement Analytics Done Right

“Never theorize before you have data. Invariably, you end up twisting facts to suit theories, ins

E-BOOK: Fundamentals of Engagement Marketing

We happy to release our latest e-book - THE 8 FUNDAMENTALS OF ENGAGEMENT MARKETING (download here).

Who Should have Access to User Engagement Data?

In short — everyone. User Engagement is a team sport. Everyone from Engineering to Customer Success

Mailchimp is Right

Last week, Mailchimp announced a very controversial decision to shut down Mandrill - their hugely po

Introducing Relay - our user engagement Slack app

Last week, we release the latest addition to the Knowtify family - we call him Relay. What is Relay?