223 Free Responsive Email Templates for Your Campaign

Want to great looking emails, but don't feel like coding yourself?

BAM. Here you go, 223 email templates (not exactly, but close) we've scraped from all over the web -- right HERE. Sourced from 15 of the best resources for email templates, they're all here for your viewing and email campaign sending pleasure. Enjoy!


Litmus is an authority in email compatibility and they offer a set of 7 polished templates you can customize to your own campaign. Each template is responsive and has been thoroughly Litmus-tested (yes, that means they even work in Outlook, Gmail, and the rest of those tricky clients!). They also come with PSD source files so you can tweak and modify to your heart’s content. Amazing.

2. Email On Acid

Emailonacid offers a great template for free. It’s been tested across most devices and is compatible as well as being fully responsive. You will have to customize it to your needs, but this should save you most of the stress and headache of creating your email.

3. Zurb

Zurb put together a super awesome set of responsive templates to help you with your email. These have been tested across most clients — yes, even outlook — and is fully responsive. With this framework, you can easily create emails that look create across devices.

4. Antwort

Antwort offers responsive layouts for Email that both fits and adapts to client widths. They’re motto is: "Don't underwhelm desktop users with single column layouts that work for mobile." Antwort's email templates come with columns on desktop that automatically become rows on mobile to ensures your tables look great on mobile too.

5. Responsive Email Patterns

Responsive email patterns offers a wide array of standard email patterns you can piece together to create a fully responsive, cross-device compatible email for whatever you need - just add images, color and some personality and you’re set!

6. 99 Designs

99 Designs offers this free template pack on their blog, which includes 3 templates in 4 colors. These include a newsletter, a promotional email and a notifications template. This trio would make a great starter package for a business that's trying to establish a consistent look.

7. Freshmail

Freshmail offers polished emails that you will have to sign up to download. They have a variety of templates so you'll be sure to find one that works for you. And the best thing is, when you’ve found one you that’s perfect, you can actually customize it to the smallest detail right in their editor - how convenient and thoughtful!

8. Free Email Templates

Following through on their purchase of their very obvious domain name, these guys offer 70 different email templates for FREE. Seriously, does it get any simpler than this? Go find something you like!

9. SendWithUs

The SendWithUs Open Source Template Project is a collection of free email templates created and managed by the SendWithUs team and community. Anyone may contribute new themes and templates, or make impactful updates to the existing ones. They offer standard templates for use-cases like reciept, confirmation, welcome emails, and much more. Very useful!

10. Modgility

Modgility offers several free html email templates that will help you to stay on your customers’ radar during the holidays, spread some cheer and maybe even spark some business in the new year.

11. Email Blueprints

Email Blueprints is a great starting point if you’re looking a solid start and framework to start your own email campaigns.Their HTML email templates can serve as a solid foundation and starting point for the design of emails. They include template language elements that make them customizable when imported into a MailChimp account, as well as merge tags that will generate dynamic content when sent through MailChimp.

12. Email Newsletters

The guys at Email Newsletters offers 10 free HTML templates have been tested (and proved themselves to be perfectly compatible) with the most popular email clients.

13. Template Target

Templattarget offers 25 email templates that have been test on 30+ email clients so you can be assured that it’ll look great for all your customers. Furthermore, they also provide versions that are made specially to be edited to Mailchimp and CampaignMonitor - so if you’re using either of theses services, you should check out these emails!

14. Penrose

Penrose offer a free sleek, responsive and flat email template that you can customize to your needs.

15. Copernica

The experts at Copernica have build 5 awesome email templates that you can download. They know quite a lot about the ins and outs of HTML for email design. So be assured that these emails work in mainstream email clients such as Apple Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird and Outlook. Hey, and did I mention that they are optimized for mobile too?

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(header photo credit: Zurb)