8 Inspirational Email Design Galleries You Need to See

When I first started at Knowtify, I took several weeks to educated myself about email design (and I'm still learning) even though I had designed for web and mobile previously - it's a different beast all together! Email design isn't the only thing that matters, but since you only have 5 seconds to capture someone's attention once they open your email, a great design that accentuates your content can be the difference between a click and a delete.

With well designed emails being the norm now, it's more important than ever to keep up. Luckily, I bookmarked the resources I used, and now I share them with you!

Here are the best 8 email design galleries you need to check out:

Really Good Emails

One of the best resources I've seen. You can find hundreds of modern emails organized into categories like marketing, onboarding, receipt, friend request, etc. It's not only a fantastic resource for marketing emails, but product emails as well. Definitely go here before launching any campaign.

Mailchimp Design Gallery

Mailchimp is the big gorilla (pun intended) in the world of email marketing, so it's no surprise they have an awesome gallery. If you're looking for inspiration for blast email campaigns, this is the place. There are hundreds of emails neatly organized by tags like travel, restaurant, and eCommerce.

HTML Email Gallery

Another amazing resource - what's unique here is they have emails organized by color scheme, so if you struggle with color theory (like I do) you'll definitely get some inspiration here to unlock your creativity. There are both marketing and product emails here as well so this is a must-see.

Freshmail Newsletter Ideas

Freshmail's gallery is similar to Mailchimp's in that they only have marketing emails, but it's easy-to-use and well organized. If you're looking for inspiration for particular industry, this is for you - you'll find categories like travel, food, entertainment, sports, jewelry, etc.

Mailerlite Newsletter Design Gallery

Awesome selection of emails organized by industry. What's unique here is that they have both web and mobile view for every email in their gallery. Great place to see how inspiration for mobile.

HTML Email Design

Here's a smaller, unorganized gallery, but still with top-notch emails.

Email Design Gallery

They have hundreds of colorful email newsletters here. If you're looking to send blast emails, this gallery is organized by several dozen industry, color, and even number of columns.

Campaign Monitor Top Email Campaigns

Campaign Monitor has one of the best email editors I've ever seen, so it's not a surprise they have an amazing gallery to go along with it. Here, you'll find the top email campaigns for this current year. Since they send over 4 million emails campaigns every year, these are most definitely the cream of the crop. Come here if you want to be inspired.

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