The Best Responsive Email Builders

Do you enjoy coding emails, having to take into account compatibility issues across dozens of clients? (Hell NO)

Luckily, there are plenty solutions for this problem. We've identified the top 8 for you. With these editors you can create your responsive email and simply export the HTML for your own purpose (or send with them).

I rated them by ease of use and flexibility based on my personal experience. I know it's not a particularly scientific metric, but it'll give you a general ballpark of what to expect.

So without further Ado, here are the top 8 email editing tools in no particular order.


Stampready is one of the slickest editors and its interface is an absolute joy to use. The downside is it’s lack of flexibility on email templates, which are partically locked so you don’t have the ability to adjust settings on most of its sections. If you need something very specific for your email campaign, I’d recommend another app. But they do offer a variety of templates, and if one works for your campaign needs, then you’ll love Stampready. I'd check it out just for the WOWs.

Ease of Use: Very High
Flexibility: Very Low
*1 free template, premium templates starting at $19


Although it feels “clunky” to use (I’d almost compare it to Microsoft Word), EDM Designer is actually one of the most flexible editors. What it lacks in “delight” it makes up in flexibility. You can adjust almost any setting, including padding, background color, size, text-height, text-weight, etc of any section, and even create more complex sections. Given enough time, you could literally create any customized email to your heart’s desire.

Ease of Use: Low
Flexibility: Very High


Mailchimp is the baseline in all email editing tools. Everyone who has sent an email campaign probably has used Mailchimp at some point… and it works. If you haven’t used Mailchimp before, you need to check it out. They have hundreds of customizable templates for almost every use-case you can think of.

Ease of Use: Medium
Flexibility: High

Campaign Monitor

Beautiful email editor from an awesome team in Australia (and what I perceive to be the biggest competitor to Mailchimp). They just released an awesome redesign of their editor last year — and WOW, you can create incredibly beautiful emails in minutes using their pre-set templates! It’s an absolute joy to use. I feel Marilchimp’s editor can create a wide breadth of emails, but Campaign Monitor’s decision in offering an awesome experience is worthy tradeoff. Try it out!

Ease of Use: Very High
Flexibility: Medium


Stamplia offers 5 free templates and you can buy premium ones starting at $10. It’s easy to use, but the templates are limiting. You’ll be able to sections around and change font colors, but most other settings appear to be rigid. So take a look, and if one of the templates catches your eye, sign up and play around.

Ease of Use: High
Flexibility: Low
*5 free templates, premium ones starting at $10


It’ll take a bit of training to figure out how to use Freshmail's editor but once you figure out it’s actually not bad at all. They have over a dozen default templates that you can use as a starting point. The interface and user experience of their editor and the app in general feels very early-mid 2000s (I got flashbacks to Microsoft Frontpage) and there doesn't appear to be an easy way to export the HTML, but if you can ignore that, it’s a pretty powerful editor.

Ease of Use: Medium-low (very low during the first 15 minutes)
Flexibility: High


This is a side project from the guys at Mailup. It’s a little editor that comes with great templates for e-commerce, newsletters, and promotions. The product is simple, but surprisingly customizable. It’s still in beta, and it doesn’t seem like the template are responsive, but it’s easy to use and there’s plenty of potential for it the grow in the future. Check it out and kick the tires around - you might be surprised!

Ease of Use: High
Flexibility: Medium


Knowtify is my favorite email editor by far!!! (I work there... so might be a bit biased...) It's designed to support a wide variety of use-cases, including automated emails and highly designed digest emails from apps. If you have an app (including webapps) where you need to send your users designed engagement emails, it's the prefect product for you.

Ease of Use: Medium
Flexibility: High

After seeing this list, you might be wonder... "With so many choices, which editor is best for me?"

Well, it's not about which editor is "best," but which editor can you most easily create emails the way you want them to look, in both mobile and desktop. You won't know until you try a few out, and I hope this list gives you an idea of where to start.

Do you have any email editors to add to the list? Reply in the comments and we'll add it to the list.