Creating a Welcome Email in Knowtify

In an earlier post we dove into the Art of the Welcome Email - one of the most important emails you will ever send to your users.

In this post, we wanted to show our users how easy it is to create a Welcome Email in Knowtify.

The key to the Welcome email is obviously timing. You want all your new users to receive your welcome email when they sign up for your app.

In Knowtify, as soon as you create a new contact record in your account (meaning a record for one of your new users), we automatically create a data point called {signup_date}. This is a date stamp marking when the record is created (you can override this with data from your app via the API).

That means for your Welcome email, all you will need to do is create a Behavioral email in Knowtify, create amazing content), and set a Delivery rule of:

{signup_date} days ago = 0

It looks like this in the interface:

setting up a welcome email in Knowtify

That is, of course, unless you want to wait on your Welcome email and send it a day later. Maybe you want to wait to see what actions a new user takes and personalize your Welcome email based on that. In this case, you would simply set {signup_date} days ago = 1.

It's really that easy. And to make it even easier, here is a quick video showing the process:

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