E-BOOK: Fundamentals of Engagement Marketing

We happy to release our latest e-book - THE 8 FUNDAMENTALS OF ENGAGEMENT MARKETING (download here).

In this e-book, we help define some of the important, elemental strategies and practices that lead to success in this new software world - a world defined by user engagement, retention, growth and high lifetime values.

Some of the strategies highlighted in this book include:

  • Defining Engagement for your product and brand (we built a product called Sherlock to help with that)

  • How to market with Empathy

  • How to think about Personalization

  • How to Add Value for your customers - even through your marketing efforts

  • Why you should treat user engagement as a Team Sport

  • Why you should think well Beyond Conversion

  • How to think about engagement Beyond the Thin Walls of your Product

  • Why all engagement marketers need to Embrace Data

And finally (but maybe more importantly) -

  • Understanding the most important metric for any software business today - Lifetime Value

We may be biased (😀 ), but we think this e-book is essential for any person charged with, or simply passionate about, driving world-class levels of user engagement for your product and brand.

Download Here

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