I Wish I had... a Daily Digest from Pocket

I wish I had…a Daily Digest from Pocket

If you don’t know, Pocket (formerly Read It Later) is an app that allows you to save web content for reading later. They call themselves the DVR of the web. It’s a great app - I’m a fan.

But while I’m really good at saving content to Pocket, I’m terrible at going back there to consume that content later. It’s not like it’s very hard, but it’s just a step removed from some of my other content consumption habits. It pains me to have my Pocket account filled with great content that goes mostly unread. 

So…what I want is a daily digest email from Pocket to help remind me to read that great content.

What would this digest look like?

The easy execution would just be to send me an email with a list of all the posts in my account. Maybe just the unread posts, etc. But that would be too easy and it would be too overwhelming. By showing me all those posts, it may lead me to not read any of them (a bit of paradox of choice combined with decision paralysis).

You could also limit the digest to set number of posts - 3? 5? - which is better than nothing, but still not quite exciting enough for me.

What I love to see is Pocket get a bit more creative.

Knowing that we all have limited time to consume content, I would love for Pocket to design a digest that acknowledged this and sent me one post at a time. Something like this:


This would be a digest sent in the morning - during commuting hours - with just a single post from my queue.

How would they decide on the post to send?

They could do a few things. It could be the oldest post in my queue; the most recent; the shortest; the post in my queue that has received the most engagement across the Pocket network; etc. I would spend some time thinking and testing different methodologies.

As I think about this single post digest strategy, I actually think it would be great to get one of these emails in the morning and one in the evening (both during commute time).

An evening post something like this:


And then…what about the weekend? More time to read, so a digest with more posts makes sense then. Something like this:


As a Pocket user, I can say that this type of digest strategy would definitely increase my engagement with the app. For Pocket, users that do a lot of saving aren’t really engaged with the service. Engagement is really about consumption. These digests would go a long way in helping drive that consumption. Personally, I would definitely read at least 5 more articles a week with these digests and probably more. 

So, that’s my wish for the day. Love to hear your thoughts.