Interview with Andrey Petrov - Founder of Briefmetrics

I first learned about Briefmetrics about a month ago and it has quickly become one of my favorite apps/services. 

Briefmetrics is a service that enables you to build yourself a weekly digest email from your Google Analytics account. I love this for a couple of reasons. Obviously, I obviously love their use of the digest email as the basis for their service. Smart, smart stuff. Secondly, I love how they targeted. It’s the perfect app for this service. The data in Google Analytics is super important, but logging into it always feels like such a chore. Almost rather drink castor oil. But a simple summary email in my inbox. Yes, please…and thank you. 

I could say more about Briefmetrics, but figured it would be better to hear from Andrey Petrov, the maker of BriefMetrics, instead. So, without further ado…



KNOWTIFY: Tell us about yourself. What is your background?

ANDREY: I’ve been building software since I was a teenager. I have a Computer Science degree from the University of Toronto (in Canada, where I grew up). I founded a couple of startups, one was funded by Y-Combinator, another was acquired by Google where I worked on Google Analytics until last year.

KNOWTIFY: Give us your quick pitch for Briefmetrics.

ANDREY: Briefmetrics emails you simple weekly summaries of your website’s analytics.

My goal is to provide opinionated analytics—highlight the parts that are important. It might not be perfect for every scenario, but it should get you most of the way there every Monday morning.

KNOWTIFY: From where did the inspiration for Briefmetrics come?

When I worked on Google Analytics, one of the big frictions I noticed was that people would neglect signing in to check their stats, or navigating the Google Analytics frontend would just take too much effort (over 30 clicks to get the equivalent of a Briefmetrics report).

Before Google, I worked on a social analytics service (SocialGrapple) and email reports was always requested by customers. Ultimately, this was also something I really needed, too.

KNOWTIFY: Obviously, we love your focus on email delivery. Tell us why this was important for you?

I do lots of little projects and use Google Analytics for all of them. I needed something to help bring quick easy-to-consume analytics reports and I knew other people needed this too.

KNOWTIFY: Who are your current users? For whom is this most valuable?  

My customers fall into two categories: 

(A) Web design agencies who build websites for other clients. They use the Agency tier of Briefmetrics which lets them whitelabel reports for their clients to get them exposed to analytics and become more engaged with their websites. More engaged clients means more work for the agencies.

(B) Startups and hobbyists. These are people more like me, who run one or a bunch of sites and want to reduce the pain of using Google Analytics for themselves. 

Web design firms have the potential of getting direct monetary business benefits from Briefmetrics, whereas startups and hobbyists save time and get more passive exposure to valuable analytics.

KNOWTIFY: What are your plans for Briefmetrics? Where would you like to see it go?

At the core, Briefmetrics is a tool I can’t live without. My goal is to make it a tool which many other people can’t live without too.

There are many important features on the roadmap:

  • More conversion-related and Adwords insights where applicable.

  • Monthly reports focusing on long-term trends (are more and more of your visitors using a phone rather than a desktop? Are you suddenly popular in Indonesia? etc.)

  • Reports for other services, some for other analytics services like Mixpanel or Kissmetrics, or even ecommerce platforms like Stripe payments or Shopify reports.

I’m building Briefmetrics on my own for now, so it’s very important to allocate time carefully. I’m hoping that the core Briefmetrics product will be polished enough soon such that I can spend more time building new features on the roadmap.

KNOWTIFY: Any final thoughts/pitches? 

If you use Google Analytics, I hope you’ll give Briefmetrics a spot in your inbox.

It’s very important to me to keep Briefmetrics aligned with what my customers need, so if there is something I can do to earn your business then don’t hesitate to send me an email at :)

Thanks for the insights, Andrey! Oh…and for Briefmetrics. You’ve got a fan here :)