Into the mind of Lenny Hu - Knowtify employee #1

Bringing on Employee #1 is always an exciting and pressure-filled moment for a new company. While it’s super exciting to start building out the team, at the same time, you really can’t afford to blow the first hire. There is just way too much work to be done at this stage to have to worry about a managing a bad fit. 

For us, we knew with our first hire we wanted to fill a specific skill set (design/UX), but more importantly, we wanted to bring in someone with the strengths, personality & energy that would help drive us through this initial phase of the business. We needed someone who wasn’t afraid to push out work on day 1 and who we felt showed, through his past experience & our interviews, a definitive will to win. 

That’s why we are very excited to bring on Lenny as our employee #1. Not only does he have a raw talent for designing product and a passion for understanding the needs and wants of users - but he’s also got a relentless drive for winning at all costs. We’re looking forward to seeing his impact real soon!

Now a little more from Lenny himself: 

Lenny Hu

What made you pursue UX design?

About 3 years ago, a buddy and I wanted to create a Groupon clone (this was during the daily deals craze). We didn’t have any skills, so we contracted the work to a team in India with directions to make it look ‘clean’ and ‘classy’. Understandably, they gave us a bunch of generic shit back, and I thought, “Wow. These guys suck, I can do a way better job!” So I taught myself some basic HTML and CSS and started designing. We never launched anything, but I kept the skills.

And here I am. I ought to call up that team in India and thank them.

What excites you about UX?

Seeing my babies go out in the wild and getting torn up by a pack of hungry carnivores. Just kidding. Well, sort of. A big part of UX is showing people your early designs (babies) and having them fail and/or give you shit about it (getting torn up by carnivores). But then you make it better and they grow up strong and healthy and the world is a great place again.

What inspires you?

Humans. They are unpredictable. But there’s a ton of research out there that gives us clues to how people react, and I want to leverage as much of that as possible in my designs. Maybe one day I’ll crack something and create a better framework to predict user behavior. Who knows.

What do you hope will be your biggest contribution to Knowtify?

I love usability testing, especially on designs I contributed to. Knowtify just hired a mad usability tester on their team.

Finish this sentence: When all is said and done, I hope Knowtify ________________

…will be so user-friendly, my mom will use it to send me daily digests about herself (oh no).

If you had to live in any other city in the world, which would it be and why?

I’d be living in the same city in the year 2060, because the singularity would have happened, and we’d either be enslaved by machines or living forever. Either way, that sounds exciting.

Favorite swear word.

Dui (Fuck in Cantonese). It’s a classic in my lineage.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I don’t know what I’m doing half the time. And Knowtify hired me. Joke’s on them, haha!

Welcome aboard, Lenny :)