Introducing: InBox by Knowtify

We are super excited to release the latest expansion of the Knowtify platform today - InBox by Knowtify.

What is InBox by Knowtify?

InBox is a simple JavaScript plugin that powers a custom notification center for your product. You know - that little button that lights up to alert a user when something important has happened in their account. That's right, the most engaging part of any product. Yes...that's what we mean. That's InBox. a lot like....this:

Why did we build InBox?

We built InBox because, here at Knowtify, we are hyper-focused on helping you drive world class user engagement for your product. And what is the most engaging part of any product or app? That's right - the notification center. It may be small, but it's impact is mighty. This little button and it's little alerts are the first things users check when they login to a product. They do a great job at highlighting the important activities in an app and giving users a smooth, efficient experience.

And when done right, they create an addictive loop that keeps users coming back again and again and again.

So, for us, making it easy to implement, control and manage the activities of this notification center was a no brainer. And we're very excited to bring it to you now.

How does InBox work?

As we mentioned, InBox is a simple plugin that:

  • Allows you to target any element of your page to serve as your "notification center" button (this can be an icon, a link...anything you want)
  • Powers the little numbered alerts that trigger when a new notification arrives to the InBox
  • Gives you the ability (within the Knowtify interface) to actually create and manage all the messaging that is delivered through this channel.

Once your InBox is installed, you can start shipping important alert notifications here from your product:

  • Maybe it's a friend request.
  • Maybe it's a task assignment.
  • Maybe it's a comment on a post.
  • Maybe it's news about a new closed deal.
  • Maybe it's news of someone opening an email or document
  • Maybe it's all of the above

You will create the messaging for these alerts in Knowtify and watch them ship!

inbox messaging

But that's not all!

With Knowtify, you can also send other type of messages through this new channel. You can trigger messages based on behavior rules, send one-off product announcements and more.

InBox makes the traditional notification center a new, essential marketing channel.

Who should care about InBox?

Well...anyone who cares about driving user engagement should care about InBox.

CEOs should care because they know their business is dependent on retention, lower churn and high-levels of engagement.

Product Managers should care because this is a piece of engineering work that is difficult to schedule - and a constant frustration to maintain.

Engineers should care because they don't have to build - or maintain - their own in-app notification center. And once InBox is installed, they can hand the keys to marketing to take care of the rest.

Customer Success should care because an engaged user base is user base that expands accounts and renews contracts.

And, finally, Product Marketing should care because InBox was built for you. InBox gives you control over this important communication channel and allows you to be involved with driving user engagement like never before. We believe that the notification center is far too important of a messaging channel to be stuck in the code base. With InBox, we are opening this up and making it a legitimate asset - not just for your product - but for your business.

If you'd like to give InBox a shot in your product, you can go ahead and sign up for a free trial today. We look forward to working with you soon!