Introducing Relay - our user engagement Slack app

Last week, we release the latest addition to the Knowtify family - we call him Relay.

What is Relay?

Relay is the mischievous little brother to our main Knowtify product. He was built to help your ENTIRE team stay informed, in-tune and engaged with how your users are using your product - in a place where your team is already spending most of their day:

With Relay, you can take any product events and stream them right into your Slack account (right now, we pull those events through Segment, so you'll to be integrated there).

"What?!?! But that's a ton of events. It's going to drive my team crazy!!"

Ahhh...therein lies the beauty of Relay. He wants to you stay in-tune with your users, but he doesn't want you to be overwhelmed with notifications. That's why Relay is not only a funnel to stream your user activity data to Slack, but has a management layer to allow you to intelligently manage how that data flows.

How Does that Work?


When you set up your Slack streams in Relay, you use our interface to select which activity (which events) you want to send to Slack (and, more importantly, which you don't). Seriously, you don't need to see EVERYTHING...but you do need the important things.

And that's not all. With Relay, you can also:

  1. Post events to different Slack Channels: This is important. This allows you to post some events to an existing #marketing channel, some to a #UX channel, some to a #support channel, etc. You can even create brand new Slack channels right from Relay. Different events are important to different people in your organization, so you need a way to route the right events to the right team.

  2. Set the frequency of each individual notification: You get to select when you receive these notifications. You can receive events in real-time, or in hourly updates or even in daily summaries.

  3. See the actual users behind each activity: This seems obvious, but it's not that easy. With each Relay update, you will see the name of the user that completed the activity. That's part of the magic of Relay.

  4. Select the details from each event you want to show: Every event comes with properties attached to it. In Relay, you can select which properties you want to want to include in your notifications...and which ones you don't. This helps you give each event the context it needs to be informative AND actionable!

As you can see, this management functionality makes staying engaged with your users' a pleasure while, at the same time, gives you an enormous amount of flexibility to create value for every member of your team.

Why Did We Build Relay?

Here at Knowtify, we have the high-level goal of helping companies more easily drive better and better user engagement. This is because we firmly believe that user engagement is the key metric for all software business of today...and long into the future. Engagement is the fundamental element of all the things that drive a software business - activation, retention, referral, growth, LTV, etc. None of it happens without, first, user engagement.

Our main product is built to enable the essential cross-channel messaging that drives user engagement.

And we built Relay because we realized that teams that are in-tune with their users are the teams that build the best products and the best customer experiences. And... order to create a solid, all-inclusive, customer-focused culture, staying continuously in-touch with how users are engaging with the product is essential.

But, until Relay, there weren't any simple tools that would bring this information to the team. Truth be told, we built much of Relay's functionality into our main product, but realized that this information - this data - was too important to limit access to only those who were using that product.

We wanted to bring this information, to the entire team. To a place where the team was already congregating.

The modern-day water cooler.

Which is turning out to be....Slack.

Teams who have adopted Slack are spending an enormous amount of time there, so what better place for important user engagement information to flow?

In a Nutshell

We built Relay to help teams easily and intuitively stay in-tune with their users.

We'd love for you to give it a spin. Get your team engaged with your users. Allow that information to motivate and inspire them to build a better experience for your users.

If you do check it out, please let us know your opinion. It's very early for Relay and we'd love to know how we can continue to make it valuable.