Iterating on blog posts

I’m a huge believer in the value of iteration. There are so many aspects of life that should start out raw and slowly evolve into a more polished form.

In particular, I think it’s odd that we spend so much time trying to nail down an idea and articulate it through a blog post. There is no reason for a blog post to feel like classic software, where there isn’t an undo or edit button the moment you ship it.

Imagine if blog posts were version controlled so readers could easily tell how raw the idea is. Anyone can make contributions. Not in a tug-o-war wiki style of collaboration but more of a github pull request environment. Maybe a contributor makes a grammar fix or adds a photo. The author can decide if the contribution adds value to the idea or not and has the ability to accept/reject it.

This doesn’t mean authors should own ideas. If an author and a contributor don’t see eye to eye, the contributor should just fork the post and start their own version.