Knowtify Breakfast - 1.28.14


Log from the Knowtify Breakfast of 1.28.14

Another successful home cooked breakfast at Knowtify HQ this week. The highlights:

The Menu

This week we introduced Dane to the Jewish latke - or potato pancake (or if you are from some southern states - just a fancy hashbrown). We topped those latkes with a couple of steamed eggs, applesauce and (in a kosher-shattering move) some slices of fried ham. 

The Discussion

A wide range of discussion this morning. We moved from talking about some simple tweaks to our website to the status of a couple of incoming investments to Dane explaining the dogmatic details of the kitchen operation from his days in the Marines (he luckily had limited KP experience). 

Overall, it was a good breakfast. Next time, Dane has requested that we leave the onions out of the potato pancakes (he doesn’t like onions, in general). I made no promises. 

As always, if you’d like to join us for any of our breakfasts, just shoot us an email before Tuesday morning and we’ll make sure to buy enough food…