Knowtify Breakfast 2.25.14 - The Anti-Roadmap


Log from the Knowtify Breakfast of 2.25.14

Another nice breakfast session at Knowtify HQ. Good food and some big thoughts. Here are the notes for the log:

The Menu

Definitely a tough morning in the creativity department. Found myself wandering through Whole Foods looking for inspiration. The best I could come up with was simple ham, asparagus and cheddar omelettes. Wanted to go with sourdough bagels on the side, but weren’t able to find any - so went with sesame. All-in-all, while it lacked creativity, it was still pretty damn good and got us off to a good start.

The Discussion

What our menu lacked in creativity was balanced by our discussion. Now that we have a fully functional prototype and early user feedback, we started to talk about how were were going to manage our (don’t say it!) Product Roadmap (damn you for saying it!). I had been thinking about a new approach to the traditional roadmap for a while and we discussed my thoughts.

Both Dane and I really want to build a company that is different than the companies we have worked for in the past. And as a product-focused, software company, we know that the way we approach the vision for the product and how its development is planned, tracked & managed will, in many ways, define our culture.

We both agree that the traditional ‘roadmap’ is problematic for many reasons. We don’t like the dependencies they create; the way they reward ‘getting things done’ over ‘getting things done well’; how they are structured for accountability over achievement; and the fact that they don’t reflect the realities of how a software product is built (and maintained). 

We hashed through some new thoughts on how to approach our development map and sketched some initial plans. While we haven’t implemented any of it yet, at the high-level, we are very excited about our direction. We will blog more about it as the idea develops and moves from QA to production. We think it could be an important cornerstone for the culture we want to build. 


So…overall, a good breakfast.

As always, if you’d like to join us for any of our breakfasts, just shoot us an email before Tuesday morning and we’ll make sure to buy enough food…