Knowtify Breakfast 2.4.14


Log from the Knowtify Breakfast of 2.4.14

Per usual, another delicious & productive weekly breakfast at Knowtify HQ. The details for the log:

The Menu

Got a little creative and tried something new this week - corn flake french toast sticks (with applewood smoked bacon & fresh mango). To be honest, this was not one of my smoothest outings in the Knowtify kitchen. In fact, it came very close to becoming a disaster, almost requiring us to scrap the whole thing and order in bagels. But it didn’t.

The first test batch of french toast was way undercooked while the second test batch burned to a crisp, leaving the office filled with smoke. After a quick pivot in the way I was preparing the corn flake batter and a calibration to the right temperature for the pan…it all worked out and the third test batch came out beautifully. Doubling down on that methodology, I was able to deliver the full breakfast in good form.

Who knew that a simple home cooked breakfast would turn into a genuine lesson in the value of experimentation & iteration for our young company?? 

Ok…not really, it was just breakfast. But sometimes when you’re deep into something, every little thing becomes related. Anyway…

The Discussion

This week we happened to have a more focused conversation about the product and our eventual onboarding process (which we will start to design & build in the next few weeks). We talked about some of the initial usage ‘hurtles’ that we are inevitably going to face and ways to lower them without losing the value of what we are building. It’s not going to be easy and we know it’s going to be one of our big, constant challenges. But we will reclassify this ‘challenge’ as a ‘crusade’, don our armor and overcome. 

We also talked about some of the feedback & requests we’ve received from our first couple of users. Some of it we obviously knew about, but there were a few surprises that led to some debate between Dane and I. With that said, we talked how happy & grateful we were to have some very patient early users getting value from the product even though it’s buggy, missing important pieces, not user-friendly, etc. It has, first and foremost, forced us to spend our energy on the things that make the product fully functional (before getting into any of the fancy stuff) while at the same time helped us see the pieces from which people were getting the most ‘wow.’ All-in-all, great stuff. 

So that was breakfast for this week. As always, if you’d like to join us for any of our breakfasts, just shoot us an email before Tuesday morning and we’ll make sure to buy enough food…