Knowtify's Tuesday Breakfasts


Every Tuesday morning, we cook breakfast for the team at the Knowtify office. 

We do it because we like food.

We do it because I like to cook - it’s relaxing, sometimes creative & fun.

We also do it because it mixes things up. It’s not a meeting. It’s different than other mornings at the office. Hanging out, cooking & eating fresh breakfast is a great way to relax & connect.

I am a believer that most good things, most good ideas (especially early stage) come out of informal ‘gatherings’ where there is none of the pressure of traditional ‘meetings’.  Our Tuesday morning breakfasts is a just this. A relaxed, informal setting with no agenda, no plan. Just breakfast. 

The Menu

The menu is never set ahead of time. It is generally formed on Tuesday morning as I walk around Whole Foods. This past Tuesday it was mango, ginger pancakes with applewood smoked bacon. And it was good.


We also like company at our Tuesday breakfasts. Some of the best ones are ones where guests drop in. So, if you ever want to join us for Tuesday Breakfast and talk startups, technology, design, Knowtify, sci-fi novels, or the dangers of global income inequality…just email us before any Tuesday so that we know how much food to buy.