New Profiles, Last Touch & Last Activity

This week, we released some important improvements to our User Profiles that will help you take your engagement efforts to another level.

Not only have we updated some of the profile design, but we have added some key new elements.

Product Activity Stream

If you are sending events and activity from your product to Knowtify (via Segment), then you will see these events listed on each user profile - along with your email and notification message activities.

This user activity stream obviously offers important insights into individual user engagement with your product. Having message engagement (from your Knowtify messages) displayed in-line with these app activities helps you start to see the impact your messages have on your in-app activity. Very powerful stuff!

Last Touch & Last Activity

Along with this new user Activity stream, you will also see some new user metrics highlighted at the top of every profile. They are:

  • Last Touch - Everytime you send a message to one of your users through Knowtify (either via email of as an in-app message), we consider this a "touch". Last Touch is simply the last time you 'touched' that user. On the profile, you can quickly see the number of days since your Last Touch with that user and you also use this metric when segmenting a message. (more here)

  • Last Activity - Last Activity is simply the last time a user has taken any action in your product. On the profile header, you can see the number of days since a user's Last Activity. Like with Last Touch, you can also now use this data point to segment the recipients of any of your messages. (more here)

  • Total Touches - This is simply the total number of messages you have sent to an individual user.
The Importance of Last Touch & Last Activity

Our goal has always been to make it as easy as possible for marketers of all kinds to intelligently market to and increase engagement among their existing users. With this latest release, we have taken a major step toward that goal.

Being able to segment your messages by the last time you have ‘touched’ a user allows you to create the right cadence of messaging with your users. With this criteria, you can insure that any user doesn’t go too long without hearing from you while at the same time making sure you don’t over-message users (by sending them more than one message per day, for example).

Combining this filtering by Last Touch with Last Activity adds even more power. You can:

  • schedule messages to users who haven’t used your product OR received a message in more than X days;

  • tigger messages or adjust the content of those messages for users who have been more active (or less active) recently;

  • insure that you don’t allow any user to go too long without hearing from you; while at the same time

  • protect against sending users too many messages in a given period.

And more...

We hope these new features help you take your engagement to another level. Please let us know your thoughts!