Quora Digest email

One of the best digest emails in the universe - certainly a Knowtify Hall-of-Famer - is the Quora digest email. This email makes the Hall-of-Fame, not only for its value from a user-perspective (I love it), but for it’s power to drive engagement. 

We recently surveyed Quora users about their engagement with Quora. 58% of all the respondents indicated that the Quora digest email was the main reason they visited the Quora app. But even more interesting, 83% of those who said that they visited Quora once per week or more (their most engaged users) claimed the digest email as the main reason they visited Quora. 

Talk about a digest that drives value - not just for users, but also for Quora shareholders. Quora was recently valued at $900mm - and I would contend that much of this value can be attributed to this digest email.



What is the Quora Digest?

If you’re a Quora user (meaning you have an account with Quora), you will be well aware of these digests. They started out as a weekly email, but have moved to daily and recently I have even noticed them coming more than once per day.

The Quora digest summarizes interesting/popular questions that have either been posted, or answered, or voted on by people within your network. They also look for questions that would be interesting to you based on some sophisticated analysis of what you tend to like. 

What to like about the Quora Digest

First of all, we love the Quora digest for existing. There is so much great content on Quora, but without this digest email, much of it would go unnoticed.

We also love how the digest presents a mix of content from the users direct network along with seemingly random (but popular content). This gives this digest both a sense of personalization and relevance while not ignoring the beautiful serendipity that makes Quora special. I generally find myself engaging with the most relevant content first and then exploring any interesting posts later on in the email. 

Also, as a practitioner in the digest email space, I also have to appreciate their smart use of dynamic subject lines for their digests. These digests always use the most relevant question from the digest as the subject line for the digest. 


This makes each email feel fresh and drives great open rates and engagement. It’s a smart practice that other digest creators should take note.

How to sign-up for the Quora digest

If you’d like to sign-up for the Quora digest, you will need to create and account - which you can do here.