Tech job posting inspired by Bill Walsh


We are not yet hiring for First we’ve got a few hurdles to overcome.

  1. Finish v1 of our product

  2. Find people who need it

  3. Make them happy

  4. Build a better product

  5. Find people willing to pay for our new and improved product

  6. Hire people to help us make an even better product

I usually try to prevent myself from getting ahead of myself. I’m a strong believer that scaling before you need to scale is a problem to say the least. But I woke up today thinking about the team I’d like to help build for and the following job description came to mind.

Learn about our customers, understand their needs, build things to make them happy and the score will take care of itself.

I like this approach to hiring, especially technical people, for a few reasons.

  • It lets people know that we value innovation.
  • It promises not to limit people by forcing them into narrow roles.
  • It focuses on the fundamentals. Everyone in the company should be thinking about the problems our customers face and how we can help them overcome those problems.