The Wiser Daily

Sharing relevant content within an organization can be a frustrating, fragmented & broken experience. But of course it could be better. Wouldn’t it be great if you could not only filter the web’s best content by the context of your workplace and your co-workers, but also collaborate on the thoughts and opinions said content generates from those people?

Well…that’s exactly what the team at Wiser has been working hard to bring to a workplace near you (hopefully very near you…hopefully YOUR workplace). Wiser’s goal is to make sharing content found on the web - articles, blog posts, etc - with your colleagues more efficient, more collaborative, more intelligent, and…quite frankly, more fun.  


Wiser is a business we happen to love - mostly because (you guessed it) the central feature of the service is a smart Daily Digest email that summarizes all the shared & recommended posts from your network from the previous day. This email the key driver of their regular engagement with their users and a great example of an app bringing a lot of value without requiring users to login.

As a matter of fact, a lot of Wiser’s functionality can be executed through email. Users can share posts by simply emailing a unique Wiser email address and those posts are added to the cue for the following day’s digest email. Smart stuff.

The Wiser Daily Digest

imageIt’s a great digest which offers just enough content from each article to allow the user to decide whether or not to read more. I also like the big font in the detail section which also makes the experience easy on a mobile device.

What we’d like to see next

This is a great digest and I know they are constantly improving it, but a few unsolicited suggestions from us for future iterations: 

  • I would actually recommend getting rid of the summary section at the beginning of the email. It displays the same articles as the main section, so it’s basically just adding more “bulk” to the email without a whole lot of value. Also, the text is so small, that it’s not great for reading on a phone. I would just skip it. I think the whole email would go smoother.

  • Strategically, I would really love to see them add some activity statistics to help drive more activity in the app (which is their ultimate goal). Currently, this email doesn’t provide me any look into how many articles have been shared in my network, who’s sharing most, how many comments, etc. Doing this, even in a subtle way, would really help drive more in-app engagement.

  • The SHARE buttons under each article are probably premature. I may be wrong (I’d like to see click rates on that button), but I’m guessing that most people wouldn’t share an article without reading more that what’s provided. Might want to go with READ MORE here…

  • Finally, I would love to see some call to action at the end of the email to help me get the most out of Wiser’s technology/functionality.

How to sign up for Wiser

You can sign up for Wiser on their homepage. They have a free tier for small teams, but if you want a fully-collaborative experience with Wiser, you will need a paid account. 


The good folks at Wiser have created an exclusive offer to readers of this blog. If you want to sign up and receive an extended, 3-month trial of Wiser, you can sign up at this URL:

Thanks to the Wiser team. Hope you all enjoy!

(ps - if you want to learn even more about Wiser, you can see their chart topping entry on Product Hunt here.)