theSkimm Daily

In a world of unrelenting news cycles and endless streams of ‘must-read’ content comes a great liberator in the form of, not a bird, not a plane, but a nifty daily digest email…known as theSkimm.

theSkimm is a brilliant example of a curated, daily email that brings a breath of fresh air to your news consumption habits. Even if you don’t have any news consumption habits. 

theSkimm Daily Digest


What is theSkimm Daily Digest?

As it’s name suggests, the Skimm Daily Digest is curated summary of the important news from yesterday. As a not-so-distant cousin of the Daily Candy family, theSkimm’s updates are presented with a fun, unique voice that distills important news topics down into delicious bite-sized nuggets that are smart & easy to remember.  

What’s to love about theSkimm Daily?

First of all, the founders of theSkimm are not the only ones to understand the need to give people relief from today’s oversaturated news landscape. Curating that content and delivering it in an easy-to-understand format is not only a time saver, but a relief for an over-worked mind. So, conceptually, we love what they are doing.

Secondly, we obviously love that the team understands the power of the email. They didn’t try to set up a robust destination site (or mbl app), forcing people to remember to go to yet another site on a daily basis. They designed the service as an email, brining their goodness to the most convenient place for their users. Their inbox.

The voice of theSkimm is it’s most appealing feature. The stories are presented in a fun, conversational way that doesn’t make news consumption feel like a chore. This voice is theSkimm brand and we think it’s great.

What we’d like to see next

Obviously, as theSkimm grows, it will be looking to expand to other ways to connect their users/community with the news that matters. But we know this daily email will always be the center of theSkimm universe. As a next step for the email, we’d love to see a little more personalization. As this evolves, it will make a lot of sense to have these emails more catered to the reader - giving her more targeted news stories.

Other than that, we’re pretty pleased.

How to sign up for theSkimm Daily

It’s pretty easy. Just head over to their site and enter your email address. You won’t be disappointed.