Trial by cage match

When starting a company, you can get a lot of things wrong and still win out in the end. One thing you can’t get wrong is the phrase you choose to describe the act of working.

Today @dskaletsky mistakenly called it ‘Quiet Time’. I’m a fairly relaxed guy but I couldn’t stand by and let him plant the seed of our demise. Most developers I know don’t want to spend the majority of their day doing something passive and uneventful. Writing code might not sound all that exciting but to a developer, it’s a place where {ANYTHING} is possible.

So I informed him that ‘Quiet Time’ is something for retirees. Maybe that’s naive and the life of a retiree is way more exciting than I could possibly imagine at this stage of my life…but I believe we need a better term to describe what we do.

We tossed out a few potential options from action movies, some more quirky than others. We wont have a meeting to officially decide anything because that’s something for bigger organizations to waste their time on. Instead this will be survival of the fittest. Stay tuned to see which phrase survives the cage match.