Why we are building Knowtify

Besides the fact that we are company builders and this is what we do, there were several high-level things that we loved about the Knowtify concept that drove us to officially take the leap and make this thing happen. We thought we’d share.

Here are a few of our fundamental beliefs that led us to start this company:

#1 - We believe that ‘engagement' is, and will be, the most important metric for any software application 


More than number of users, number of customers, etc - the name of the game for software applications today is engagement.


At a high-level, in life and in software, ‘engagement’ is a sign of commitment. In life, it means you are committed to one and no other (like these folks). In the software world, it’s a predictor of sustainability. Simply put, the more engaged a users is, the less likely you are to lose him/her. 

And for any application today and long into the future, this sustainability is the key to success - most notably for B2B SaaS apps. Unlike in the old software world, where the value of a sale is captured at the time of the sale closing, the whole basis of the SaaS model is that the value of a sale is generated over time - generally not becoming profitable for a year or more. Bring in customers at a low entry point (free even!) and extract value out of them over time and as they use the product more.

In this model, engaged users are profitable users. It’s that simple.

#2 - We believe that good, regular communication with your users is essential, but difficult to scale


You need to communicate effectively with your users - ideally all of them - on a regular basis - outside your app. The trouble is that as your user base grows, communicating with every one of them in any meaningful way, on a regular basis, is very difficult to scale. 

#3 - We believe that using data to individualize your messaging to users is not only possible, but essential

We live in a big data world. We believe that marketers should be using it. Especially to help generate relevant user communications delivered in a way that will not only help scale your interactions, but make them much more valuable to your users.

Which, in turn, will make it much more effective for you. 

#4 - We firmly believe that email is far from dead


Despite all the different ways to communicate today, email isn’t going anywhere. In fact, in many ways, it’s more alive than ever (some argue that it’s the ultimate social network).

We will certainly support other communication outlets in the future, but we feel like starting with email is the way to go.

#5 - Finally, we believe that engineers/developers should focus on building the things that are core to their app. 

This is very important to us. Building a software application is not easy. Building a truly effective one is very, very difficult. Anything that helps application developers focus on building their core functionality (that which delivers unique value to their users and helps the app differentiate) and removes the need for them to spend time building custom code for “commoditized” functionality is great. We love the way the development ecosystem has evolved - with smart companies building 3rd party apps that free up developers from having to build custom infrastructure. Companies like:

  • Disqus & Livefyre who handle the comments for blogs & media sites;

  • Facebook Connect, Twitter, LinkedIn and more that bring sign-in/registration functionality;

  • Mixpanel, Kiss Metrics, Google Analytics and others that handle analytics for your app; 

  • Recurly & Chargify that handle recurring, credit card payment functionality 

  • ZenDesk which manages customer support and help libraries

  • And many more that you can find at http://addonlist.com/

…are bringing much needed relief to application developers…and their users. If developers don’t have to spend time recreating infrastructure that could be easily (and more effectively) handled by a 3rd party service, then they can focus on the core functionality of their own app, delivering more value to their users - faster.

We are excited to play a part of this movement by eliminating the need for app developers to build their own email notification infrastructure. This eliminates weeks of initial development time for each of our customers and countless hours of maintenance.

While there are many other reasons why we decided to build Knowtify.io, these five represent some of the core beliefs that form our foundation and will drive us for the foreseeable future.